The integration of the Bdoc Suite solution allows Masfip to improve communication with its 280,000 members while optimizing the handling process. Next step: the dematerialization of the letter and the automation of their distribution...

The social action mutual fund, Masfip, adopted Bdoc Suite in 2014 to address the issue of outgoing mail. Until the introduction of the publishing solution by Business Document, a subsidiary of Gfi Informatique, the 150 to 200 daily correspondence were processed by hand by a single person from the mutual. "In social action, we cannot really use direct mail because we provide personalized answers according to each case processed," says Mâamoun Bernichi, IT Director of Masfip since 2013 (year of the creation of the organization resulting from the merger of the Treasury and Tax Authorities mutual funds).

Without clearly integrating this contextual information, the nature of the correspondence was not always explicit for the 280,000 or so members. In addition, manual processing could be a source of error. Spelling mistakes, incorrect addresses, incorrect allocation amounts, etc., all of which could complicate communication with mutual members.

Business Document has responded to these issues. Firstly, Bdoc Suite automatically integrates the references of the file in the letter. Secondly, the consistency of the typography has been improved." In terms of direct mail, letters are better presented as they use the mutual fund’s visual identity charter," says the head of the ISD. The result was not long in coming: " Before, we received about ten calls a day from people who wanted to know what the correspondence they received was about. Today, the number of calls has dropped considerably because the letters are more understandable. B Bdoc Suite has made it easier to do this, "assures Mâamoun Bernichi.

The administrator can focus on their role as an expert

Manual processing has been eliminated. This reduces the risk of errors and has allowed the Masfip to gain a full-time equivalent (FTE). The administrator who handled the mail has thus been able to get back their true function as an expert of the social action management commission.

The ability of Bdoc Suite to support significant volumes is also appreciated by the DSI, which manages 120 users within the mutual fund. A user of Bdoc Suite since 2005 through his previous professional experiences, Mâamoun Bernichi praises the qualities of the desktop publishing software: " I know its assembly capacity very well, it is very intuitive, and above all accessible. It is quick to pick up and it exchanges with standard communication protocols. "

Users at the Masfip can thus compose the personalized text from the internal management tool, which automatically connects to Bdoc for the assembly process. Batch compositions are performed at night from letters stored on Bdoc Online. The resulting correspondence is then retrieved by a domain manager who decides what action to take (printing, sending by email, etc.).

"The member has the information immediately and the representative at department level is also informed that a processing operation has been carried out," explains the DSI. Bdoc Suite also allows the decentralization of tasks to local representatives who can then deal with the documents to be edited on site with the member.

Today, the dispatch is still done manually. But the automation of the distribution is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019. " We will implement the member's preferred communication channel. Either by post or by email, "informs our interlocutor.
As a first step, the PDF will be attached to the email. But ultimately, the goal is that Business Document supports us in our digital transformation by integrating the content of the correspondence directly into the body of the email. More than the possible savings (about 1 euro of postal charges per dispatch), it is the modernization of the IS that is targeted through the automation of processing. " We're more interested in modernization and convenience.," summarizes Mâamoun Bernichi.

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