Community websites are above all communications tools. But nowadays, users approach the web in a more interactive manner. Meanwhile, the State is encouraging the civil service to offer teleservices to citizens, generally using interactive forms. And users want to be able to call upon community services at any time from their websites. Interoperability standards are integrated and mature. This is a favourable context for the growth of this new service offer.

Connect Citoyen is an SaaS solution. The civic portal and request tracking are hosted in secure Orange Business Services datacentres in France, running 24/7. As such, there is no installation on the community premises.

A rapid return on investment

Gfi also oversees the customisation of the portal (banner), the training of agents in how to use it correctly and how to follow up requests, and the roll-out of the mobile app.

What's more, there is a rapid return on investment for communities as a result of the low financial investment – no installation necessary, a subscription model – and the time saved by the input of requests by the users themselves. Effective work time optimisation is further assisted by a user-friendly interface.

Likewise, time spent waiting at counters has been reduced substantially for users with the virtual community accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This guarantees quality of service the user and gives the local authority a more modernised image.

Its main assets include teleservices, modernisation, a return on investment, a service for the people, the mobile app, 2.0 online telepayment and the user account.

Download the Connect Citoyen offer and discover all the features (document in French):

A dedicated area on the civic portal accessible from the community website

  • Access to the civic portal is through a simple link on the website.

Creating a user account

  • Each user can open a personal account free of charge to make use of community services.
  • Once logged in, the user has the option to track the progress of their requests in real time.

A range of services available

  • The user will be able to access various different forms (requests for a meeting, internship, civil status document, graffiti removal, etc.).

Request management

  • A tracking tool gives users an idea of the status of their request (processing time, unprocessed request notifications, statistics, etc.), allowing elected representative to evaluate their staff’s work.

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