The current trend is towards a gradual digitalisation of documents and procedures. This raises the question of moving from a range of diverse and compartmentalised business applications to a standard set of communicative and intelligently orchestrated services. Developed in web mode and available with tailored hosting options, Connect Elu is an effective technological and practical solution.

Connect Elu has improved administrative management

Connect Elu is a user-friendly software suite with very comprehensive, reliable and simple features. It is available in the form of a packaged monthly subscription including the licence, associated services (on-site training, project management and assistance), application maintenance and unlimited hosting in secure Orange Business Services datacentres in France, running 24/7.

Connect to your mail, minutes of meetings, and other papers anytime, anywhere, and even sign your documents electronically from your tablet with “Connect Elu” (Connected Elected Representative)!

Its main assets include cross-disciplinary paperless exchanges, group work, secure hosting, electronic signatures, electronic document management and mobility. 

Discover all of Connect Elu’s features!

Joint file management allows the local authority to do away with paper and work together on digital documents:

  • Documents and decisions
  • Mail
  • Other files (generic file referral form):
    • File creation
    • File component management (paperless documents)
    • Joint file management (submission, notices, visas, signature requests)
    • Option to launch workflow processes
    • Home screen to manage notifications
    • E-mail alert

Electronic signature

  • Electronic signatures for any type of document
  • Option to view forms, payment orders and securities and attachments of the standard exchange procedure flow.
  • Management of permanent and temporary delegations of signature and co-signatories.

Mail management

  • Recording of received mail
  • Paperless distribution of mail
  • Periodic notifications upon request
  • Searching for and tracking mail for processing
  • Joint response management

Decision management

  • Joint processing of draft decisions
  • Processing of all steps related to early votes, votes and postal votes

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